Funeral Thank-You Notes Etiquette Tips Sending thank-you notes following a death is a gesture that can mean a lot, not just to the person sending the note, but also to the person receiving it. What To Include In Any Funeral Thank You Note When sending a note of thanks, sometimes it is hard to convey your feelings in a way that really justifies it. After the funeral for a loved one who has passed away, you and your family might wish to send out a thank you note card as an expression of gratitude.

 This is not always expected after a funeral, but it is still a nice gesture to show appreciation to those that were there for you in the hard times of grief. While most people will not expect you to send one in their time of mourning, sending a thank-you note is always a nice gesture when someone gives you a gift or does something special for you. Writing a sympathy gift thank you note is similar to writing funeral thank you cards, except that you may want to omit any mention of services.

Funeral Thank You Cards

While you do not necessarily need to write a thank you note in response to the mere sympathy note or condolences that you received following the death, it is tradition to say thanks to those who truly went above and beyond to help or memorialize your loved one. When the time comes to write a funeral thank you card, be sure to say all that you would like with the correct words for funeral thank you cards. Since most thank you cards will be about attending a funeral, it is totally fine to write similar phrases on each. You can send any kind of thank-you note that expresses your appreciation for helping to plan the funeral, attending the funeral, sending flowers, or offering emotional support.

To begin, know that sympathy cards are typically sent to people who have helped during tough times, such as watching a child or pet, providing food, sending flowers, donating money for the funeral, sending sympathy cards, or attending services. When people showed support, whether it was by sending you a sympathy card or message, flowers, or simply being at the funeral, you probably want to thank them. Proper etiquette requires that a funeral thank-you card be sent by the deceased’s family, acknowledging significant gestures and support given in the midst of a difficult time. Examples of reasons for writing a thank you card following a funeral or memorial service include: If someone gave a eulogy, reading, song, or talk at the service; if they helped with food or child care during an illness or following a death; if they sent flowers or sympathy gifts, or planted a tree; or if they made a donation to a charity or foundation in honor of someone who died.

 The sample thank you messages here are divided into several categories: Thank you for attending a funeral, helping at a funeral, flowers, money/donations, and sympathy. What to Say – Thank You Notes For Helping With Funeral Planning In times of stress and grief, people will volunteer their time selflessly to help.