If you are stuck with what to do, here are a few ideas for celebrating a life that will help cherish the memories of the person you loved with actions. Here are the best ideas that will make sure the memories of your loved one are kept alive well into the years. We have suggestions for a funeral or memorial service to take place shortly, unique memorials to hold on the days and weeks after, and inspiring tributes to make sure the amazing person’s memories are well-kept for years to come.

 Whether the days, weeks, months, or years after the death of a loved one, a unique celebration of their life can be a beautiful way to remember them. Family and friends can pay tribute in person, and it is a time to reflect on a lifetime together, as well as on the memories you have with your loved one. You can show thoughtful tributes for a remarkable individual by planning a memorial for friends and family to come together to grieve together and honor the legacy your loved one left behind on earth.

 Generally, a celebration of life is exactly what it sounds like; a gathering of friends and family, sometimes members of the local community, to speak of and remember a dear friend or loved one who has passed away. While a funeral and a memorial service are the traditional ceremonies to help us move on from the passing of our loved ones, these days, many are choosing the alternative known as a Celebration of Life. Here, we discuss what a celebration of life is, how it is different than a funeral, steps for planning one, and some creative ideas on what to do for one.

Funeral Program Templates

If you are looking for more info and answers, from what is a celebration of life, to how you can plan it, or what makes this less-traditional event different from a funeral, our farewell editors put together a useful guide on this subject. We have compiled an infographic that will help you plan a meaningful, custom-tailored celebration of life ceremony for your loved one, which you can easily save on Pinterest or share on social media. If you are ready to plan and are looking for unique ways to beautifully celebrate a wonderful life, read below for different inspirations that will help you to create a memorial as memorable as your loved one, filled with details that celebrate who they were and what they love.

 Contact CARDDesigner.ca for ideas on creating an appropriate memorial celebration for your loved one, or planning ahead to host a memorial of your own. Other ideas for celebrations of life include a memorial garden, a commemorative DVD, or the release of a dove for your loved one.