A eulogy is, in essence, a brief speech commemorating the life of a deceased person, typically by relaying stories and experiences the reader shared with the deceased. Perhaps the family of a person you passed on has asked you to deliver a eulogy due to the connection that you had with that person. You might have been planning the funeral as friends of the person, did not know much about them, and did not have any relatives you could go to for information, in which case you might base your eulogy on what you remember about them as a person.

If you are not the immediate family of the person who died, speak to the family members to get their opinions about how you should begin your eulogy. Before giving your eulogy, be sure that family members have also read through it. The eulogy may be delivered by a family member, a close friend, a priest, a minister, or a celebrant, and commemorates and celebrates the life of the deceased.

If desired, a eulogy may also include a heartfelt final farewell to the deceased. While your Eulogy is supposed to talk about the identity of your loved one, reading their obituary may be an excellent way to get to this discussion. As you are getting ready to write your funeral eulogy, it is important to keep the focus on the person who has died.

Funeral Program Templates

When it comes to funeral services, a eulogy may be the most important piece tying it all together. We have also put together a collection of sample eulogies, which hopefully will serve as inspiration for you should you have the duty to give a funeral service eulogy and are unsure of where to begin. By reading through these sample eulogies, you may find that they can help to take some of the pressure of putting pen to paper and provide a jumping-off point for starting your own compilation of thoughts and ideas about what to say.

 It may help to look at others’ eulogies to get a feel for what they are like and what kind of things should be said. We really hope you find some eulogy examples useful, and that it makes this tough time a bit easier. But definitely not least, we are going to take a look at how to write an amazing eulogy for your close friend.

The sample eulogy below will hopefully show you some things that you could say in honor of your mother. I wanted to show you these eulogies so that you could laugh, cry, and perhaps learn a few things so that you could help your family to make the best eulogy that they could possibly come up with for their loved one. A eulogy encapsulates the story of life, sparks conversations, helps us remember times we shared, and (usually) makes us laugh or cry.