To help you encapsulate the life of your loved one, we have put together 16 examples of obituaries. To help you inform others about the passing of a loved one, you can use these templates to write a respectful obituary that celebrates his or her life. Or, if you prefer some assistance, our editors can create a beautiful, custom-written obituary for your loved one. If you are faced with the challenge of writing a loved one’s obituary, then it may help to look at examples of funeral obituaries to help you generate some ideas.

 If you are struggling with what to say or where to place things in an obituary, a sample obituary can help simplify this task. These sample obituary templates provide guidance that will get you started on writing a death notice for a deceased friend or loved one. Whether you are getting ready to prepare your obituary for future use or writing one for someone else, here are five examples of obituaries from which you can take inspiration for your own capturing of the deceased’s personality and spirit.

 To write a great obituary, it is essential that you capture the spirit of your loved one who has passed away. An obituary narrates the life story of a person who has passed away, allowing loved ones to celebrate and remember their lives.

Examples of Obituaries

In addition to an announcement of a death, an obituary also tells the story of a person’s life. More than just saying goodbye to a person who has died, an obituary is a send-off that details his or her life chronologically. An obituary recounts the events detailed by an end-of-life service, as well as briefly detailing the biographical information about the person’s life.

 An obituary also serves as notification that the person has died, and provides information about any services scheduled. An obituary is a written statement sharing news of the death of an individual. An obituary not only shares a birth date and a death date, but it also typically includes at least one photograph of the person, as well as highlights about their achievements or even personality.

 An obituary serves as a way of communicating a loved one’s death, as well as communicating vital information regarding a funeral or memorial service. Obituaries usually include surviving family members and people who preceded the loved one to death. If your loved one who has just passed away was extraordinary too, use that obituary as an example of how you can recognize his (or her) achievements.

 This is a good example of injecting personality into the obituary for your loved one. His obituary is a good example of how you can write about someone’s life, but also provide a valuable understanding of what kind of person he was.

 Lewis Richard Vaisses’s obituary, written by his daughter, Rachel, is a great example of an in-depth, in-depth, loving obituary. Writing an obituary for a lifelong partner can be particularly challenging. Whether you are looking for a brief obituary for a family member, or a humorous one for a close friend, hopefully, with our help, you can write a perfect obituary using our 16 obituary examples.