If you are struggling with finding the right words to say in your funeral eulogy, memorial service, or sympathy card, then allow the following funeral poems to assist. Words like funeral poems can reach beyond our limited ability of expression, to express an overwhelming sense of love, nostalgia, and mourning. These spiritual funeral poems offer more than just words of comfort and hope, but also remind us that death never takes away the memories we have, nor the love we have.

 Many find that All is Well is a comforting funeral poem because the message centers around the way in which love and relationships continue to exist in death, much like when two people are physically separated. Many people find To the Ones That Love Me and To those That Love Me comforting during a funeral. For more than 70 years, this inspirational poem has been a common funeral read because of its wonderful message of Those Who Love You are with you forever.

 This uplifting bereavement poem proclaims that those you love are not gone, but are with you. This poem about mourning recognizes the need to say goodbye to your loved one, to let go, to learn to live without them — but also offers comfort in knowing that the love lives on in your heart. Written by Henry Scott Holland, this funeral verse is about the way that loves lives on after a loved one dies. A brief funeral poem written by Helen Lawrie Marshall is about the joyous memories that continue to exist after a loved one has passed away.

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It is the perfect funeral poem for the person who gave you joyful memories, love, and joy. Here is a list of nice, comforting poems for funerals and memorial services. These poems are popular reads both at traditional funeral services as well as at more informal memorial services and gatherings to celebrate life. If combining mourning and public speaking is nearly too much to contemplate, but you would like to honor a loved one with a brief reading, the following short poems are ideal for funerals.

 These funeral poems are brief, expressing your feelings in few, yet powerful words. If you are looking for an excellent selection of poems for saying goodbyes during the funeral, these funeral poems can help you to leave a long-lasting impression and send your friend or family member in the best possible ways. For those loved ones in your life who are gone, but will never be forgotten, read on to find 100 meaningful, heartwarming poems about celebrating life. Some of the following funeral poems are graceful tributes to the person who has passed away, others deal with a universal experience of dying, and a handful even feature some humor, so chances are whatever pitch you want to hit, you will find the perfect funeral poem here.