The Funeral Program Sample Inner pages showcase examples of funeral program language that include full-length obituaries or life sketches, along with an example Christian funeral service order of service. In its most basic definition, the funeral program or funeral booklet contains all of the events for the memorial service dedicated to a deceased family member. 

A funeral program (sometimes called a funeral booklet, service order, or brochure) is a printed document or card detailing the events of the funeral or memorial service.

 A funeral services program is probably the only tangible object attendants at any funeral may get. Many families choose not to create them, but they can also make for beautiful mementos people cherish long after the services are over. A family could mail these programs to those who were not able to attend the funeral.

Funeral Program Example Templates

The reason funeral programs may go to this last number is that multiple family members and friends of the deceased may wish to include their own personal, heartfelt tributes, which are then collected and written into the funeral program. In this light, funeral programs are designed to recall memories with the loved one. A funeral program also serves as a memento for remembrance of the loved one — a way to share his or her obituary and special photos.

 So, for the song’s lyrics, the scripture readings, or the longer obituary, print the song’s lyrics onto a separate piece of fine, regular printer paper that you can fold into two pieces and slip inside the double-sided funeral program. 

For this format of the funeral program, an inner page may be added to this plan layout, which increases the space, allowing more collages of clipart, images, photos, and other printed information, to be added to the program. For a four-page funeral service program, for example, you could print out your design layout, front and back, onto one normal-sized (8 1/2 x 11) landscape page and fold it in half.

 When editing any sample funeral service program wording, you may want to alter the sequence of events, type of events, and the number of events that will occur during the funeral service for which you are designing a brochure. When designing the funeral brochure schedule, you must first arrange your schedule flow. If the death of a loved one has occurred suddenly, you must put the program together quickly. The first page will show the name and date of your loved one under the Golden Celtic Cross.

 Funeral details will include the names of the deceased, remaining family members, birth and death dates, priests or pastors who will conduct services, and other events on the schedule. This sample cover for a funeral brochure shows the cover photo and has full names, birth, and death dates, as well as information about the services. 

This funeral schedule template memorializes your loved ones’ life in a bold, marbled blue color scheme and golden foliage branches. Memorial websites allow you to publish the program, share event details, gather condolences and photos, collect donations, and much more.