We hope that these brief poems will be helpful to you as you send cards or give funeral or memorial tributes. Writing a proper, heartfelt funeral card message is important and helps show support. These funeral card message examples can help you find comforting words to say to friends and family members when you are short on words.

 If you are sending out a funeral card, the standard messages of sympathy that you put inside may be somewhat flat or dull. Whether you are trying to convey your feelings, share a good memory, or just extend support, knowing what to write in a funeral card is not always a simple task. This guide provides examples of funeral flowers and messages for sympathy cards, helping you to choose words that will help remember the loved one who has passed and comfort the one who is grieving.

 Use these brief poems as part of your funeral speech, funeral card, or in any other way that feels right for memorializing and remembering the loved one that has passed. Choose one of these Bible verses for your sympathy card to let your loved one know they are not alone. If your loved one is a Christian, you might want to include a Bible verse in his or her funeral card. If your loved one had no specific religion or faith, you can opt for a secular verse on their memorial card.

Funeral Templates

Here are a few verses that can be included on a memorial card for your loved one. Here are some poems, funeral prayers, and poems you can include on her or his memorial card. From the music to the words in your memorial card, you have an opportunity to honor your loved ones’ likenesses and beliefs with poems for your funeral card.CARDDesigner.ca typically include biblical verses, poems, or prayers.

 Short poems about loss, love, and life in a funeral floral card may better express something we are thinking or feeling. A poignant poem for funeral cards can create a more personal, moving way of showing sympathy. When someone is grieving the loss of a loved one, some simple words can go a long way in showing your care and offering real comfort. We hope that you will find a quote or poem from our list to use for loving reminders of someone you have lost.

 Browse through our selection of poems and verses for funeral thank-you cards, and then just pick one, highlight the text with your mouse, right-click, and copy. All of the poems below are usable with our customizable card designs, and if you would like to see a complete listing of poems that we currently have available.