Catholic funeral prayer cards are issued to those attending a memorial service to honor the life of the deceased. Memorial Prayer Cards are designed to pay tribute to funeral homes they can keep and cherish for years to come. Writing a poem on a prayer card is a great option for those who are not religious but still want to create a beautiful memorial for a funeral priest in memory of their lost loved ones. Once you’ve decided which verse or prayer to include in your loved one’s Memorial Prayer Card, the rest is up to you.

 You can choose any of the funeral poems and prayers below, or bring us your favorite poems or prayers. Tell loved ones the scriptures you want to write on your prayer card, the hymn you want to sing at your funeral, and the clothes you want to wear forever. If faith was important to your deceased loved one, you might consider adding a beautiful prayer for his or her funeral on the back of your memorial prayer card.

This message is not too different from “loving memory,” but this slight difference can make your loved one’s prayer card stand out from the others. You can print out this particular prayer to Mary, Mother of God. We hope these funeral prayers have helped you find the perfect words for your service reading. If you are struggling to find the perfect prayer for a funeral, try these touching prayers and feel that they are sure to be an unforgettable way to say goodbye to your loved one.

I hope the prayers found here will allow you to express in a special way how much you love and how much you will miss your father’s eulogy. If you want to reflect that by reading or praying, these happy memorial prayers are perfect to help remember the good things the deceased brought to all who knew them. If there is a funeral service where you can bury the ashes of the deceased, you can write a cremation prayer on your funeral card. Choosing a parent-child relationship-based funeral prayer can help personalize the funeral card and capture the life of the deceased through a prayer.

 In addition to prayers and verses, funeral cards may include poems or other relevant details about the deceased. Memorial cards can be more personalized and include centuries-old verses and prayers that are not taken directly from the Bible. You can then paste the text directly into the “Introduction and Prayer” box in any of our funeral card templates. Browse through our most popular funeral thanksgiving prayers, just select one, highlight the text with your mouse, right-click and copy.