The tradition of providing those attending the funeral with a sympathy card comes from Catholic traditions about the prayer card. Plain prayer cards, not related to funerals or memorials, are still found today. A growing trend at funeral services is providing a prayer card or a memorial as a token for each person attending the funeral, acting as a personal reminder.

 As a further reminder of the deceased, families often produce a funeral prayer card that is distributed to all the attendees at a funeral. After the funeral, it is common for individuals to put memorial cards into their Bibles or prayer books to remind them of a loved one who has been lost. Memorial Prayer Cards, Funeral Mass Cards, Funeral Bookmarks, and Obituary Cards are typically covered in laminated material or printed on synthetic materials, making them water-resistant and durable, creating a nice, long-lasting memorial. Typically, Catholic funeral prayer cards feature a religious image on one side, while a smaller photo of the deceased, their names, birthdates, and death dates are displayed on the other.

 A prayer card or memorial can be personalized to feature an image of the deceased on one side, or a different image showing something that was significant to him during his lifetime, with a special poem or prayer printed on the back. Another option is to have a photo of your loved one on the front of the card with the poem or prayer that you chose printed on the back of the card. On the back of our funeral personalized prayer cards, you can include the funeral poem, a Scripture or a prayer, any poem you would like, or even a personal quote.

Funeral Prayer Card

Browse through our most popular prayers for funeral thank you cards, and just select one, highlight the text with your mouse, right-click, and copy. Check out some tips below, which will make choosing the right funeral card for your loved one at the funeral home in no time. There are certain prayer cards that have religious themes, others that have patriotic themes, etc. If you can choose a specific theme, this will make the process of choosing the right prayer cards much easier for yourself and your family., uplifting funeral prayer cards are made quickly and with the utmost care, bringing out the best in your loved one. Sending a custom-printed, personalized memorial prayer card to family and friends pays a lasting tribute to your loved one. Prayers can be written from the Book of Psalms, Catholic Liturgies, or ones that arise from your own thoughts on the back of the card. As printing becomes more affordable and customisability is increasingly available, prayer cards are being adopted to be used as a memorial tribute.