One token of remembrance that you may want to consider distributing at a funeral service are funeral OBITUARY TEMPLATES. This type of keepsake provides all attendees a memory of the deceased in a program that they are able to take home.

Funeral OBITUARY TEMPLATES are generally letter-size and are folded in half. The cover of the program may have a photo of the deceased in front of a lovely background or design. The name, date of birth and date of death are noted beneath their photo. It is not necessary to have a photo on the cover so if you do not have one, ensure that the cover design can stand on its own without the need or embellishment of a photograph.

Printable Obituary Templates

Since you or someone has taken the time to write an obituary, it is nice to be able to print it other than the newspaper obituaries. Often, the newspaper will have a space limitation and the obituary cannot run in its entirety. The funeral obituary program can provide that source of publication in which you will be able to publish the entire article along with any accompanying photos of the deceased. This program can be distributed to each attendee upon their arrival at the funeral service. You can designate someone to hand out a program as they enter or simply place it on a table for attendees to pick up as they arrive.

If you are short on time in creating a funeral obituary programs, you may want to consider producing one from a template. Funeral OBITUARY TEMPLATES save you time because all you need to do is enter your obituary text and any related photos. They can be a great source of assistance when you are in need of producing a memorable program but do not have the energy to create one from a blank canvas. You can purchase funeral OBITUARY TEMPLATES designs for under $20.00, which is worth it for the extra time you will save.

Funeral Program Template

Editable Obituary Templates

When death happens in a family, the surviving family members deal with their grief and the situation itself by sharing the accomplishments of their deceased loved ones to friends, relatives and even strangers. Somehow, doing so helps alleviates the pain they’re feeling. They do this by handing out OBITUARY TEMPLATES during the service. What are OBITUARY TEMPLATES? Like funeral programs, these highlight and list down the things the deceased loved one was able to accomplish throughout his lifetime. These accomplishments are listed in chronological order. There are several websites which have sample OBITUARY TEMPLATES that you can peruse and choose from.

Suffice it to say that OBITUARY TEMPLATES will help you with your aim to let other people have a deeper understanding of your departed loved one. Some sites also offer funeral program template that you can customize with details about your deceased loved ones. Both the funeral programs and OBITUARY TEMPLATES are given at the same time before the memorial services.

Obituary and funeral programs are really one and the same. Some families refer to them as obituary because they contain the deceased biographical information. It serves as so many things such as a guide for the funeral service, a booklet to keep photos highlighted from the life of the deceased, or provide a tangible keepsake even years after the funeral ceremony. It has a multitude of benefits and it is a detail that should not be forgotten. You will be glad you included it once the funeral service is over.