Recently we have been getting a lot of calls from people asking if we make printed “obituaries” or have “obituary templates”. Basically “obituary templates” are the same thing as “funeral program templates”. “Obituary templates” are also know across the glode as “funeral programs“, “memorial programs”, “funeral programs templates”, “funeral brochures”, “funeral folders”, “funeral bulletins”, etc.

So to help make things more clear for our customers. We also added “obituary templates” to our drop down selector when you begin a new project. We have already seen this help avoid confusion.

Obituary Templates“(Obituary Templates)”

You can read more about all the different size of “obituaries” that we provide on our “Obituary Templates” page. We discuss the individual sizes you see in the picture above in more in detail.

We invite you to try out our online obituary templates by clicking on the button below. Most people are amazed at what they can create. We have talked to many people that have told use that their family members where in tears because of the beautiful obituary they were able to create.

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