The first step in writing a memorial card is identifying a special quote, poem, or excerpt that means something to your loved one. By following these steps, you will have created a meaningful memorial card that both honors the person who died and provides a lasting memory to friends and family. When tasked with creating a memorial card, you will want to write a loving tribute honoring the loved one or friend. Memorial cards are usually given at the time of the funeral or memorial service of a loved one or friend.

 After a funeral, it is common for people to put memorial cards into their Bibles or prayer books to remind them of a loved one who has been lost. Memorial cards are small, durable, laminated cards that provide tributes to the person who died. Memorial cards call for thoughtful tributes, which briefly outline a person’s life and legacy. Pass out memorial tribute cards at the services so guests can share cherished memories, thoughts, or additional details about their loved ones.

 When planned and written well, a memorial card becomes a memento for all those attending your memorial service and something special to send out to those unable to attend. You will also find memorial cards distributed at viewings, vigils, memorial services, and memorials. Memorial prayer cards at a funeral, burial mass cards, memorial bookmarks, and obituary cards are typically covered in a laminate, or printed on synthetic materials that make them water-resistant and durable, creating a beautiful, long-lasting memorial. Plain prayer cards, which are not related to a funeral or a memorial, are still found.

As printing became more affordable and customization became easier, prayer cards were adopted to use as a memorial tribute. Sending a custom-printed, engraved, and laminated personalized Memorial Prayer card to family and friends pays a lasting tribute to your loved one. provides funeral sympathy cards that make the process of saying goodbye to everyone a lot easier on you, and they are a fitting, long-lasting tribute to your loved one.

Create a poignant memorial for your loved one by choosing your own funeral card design, customizing it with your own words, and adding a photo. It is not often you are called on to create a funeral card for a friend, it may happen to be a time when you are creating one for a close friend that passed away unexpectedly, or for a friend whose family lives a long distance. If you want to share the message of remembrance somewhere other than a card, a few places come to mind. Please take some time to look at our wide selection of inspiring cards, and let us know if you have any question.