Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards

The first step in writing a memorial card is identifying a special quote, poem, or excerpt that means something to your loved one. By following these steps, you will have created a meaningful memorial card that both honors the person who died and provided a lasting memory to friends and family. A contemporary funeral memorial card can become a real memento that friends and family will be able to remember their loved ones with. Modern funeral and memorial cards can vary from loving to silly, depending on your loved one and his or her personality.

 After a funeral, it is very common for people to put memorial cards into a Bible or prayer book to remind them of the loved one they lost. Memorial cards are meant as a way of remembering the person who died, serving as the final memorial memory and tribute for your loved one. Funeral prayer cards are also called In Memoriam cards, Prayer cards, Memorial cards, etc. Memorial cards may be religious or secular. Prayer cards are provided at funerals, but they do not include any specific person-related information.

 As printing became more affordable and customization was available, cards were adopted to use as a memorial tribute. Plain prayer cards, not related to funerals or memorials, are still found. Not just given at a funeral, funeral prayer cards may also be shared during a visitation, a wake, a viewing, a memorial service, and at a memorial.

Funeral Cards

Sending a custom-printed, custom-laminated Memorial Prayer Card personalized for you by family and friends pays a lasting tribute to the person you loved. Choose from the pre-designed memorial card templates and create a unique, appropriate memorial for your loved one. Choose from our wide selection of designs, all customizable with the choice of your favorite poems, or add your own words to our Memorial cards.

 If you recently lost someone close to you and are planning your memorial service, this post can help you to write memorial cards. When you wish to express your deepest sympathies for your loved ones recent loss, plantable memorial cards show that you really care and that you wish that their memories would be carried forward in the beauty of nature.

 The more we know about the individual, the better we are at distilling his or her personality into a card. While the majority of cards are still spiritual, it is becoming increasingly common to see them designed with secular themes.