A contemporary funeral card could become an actual memento to friends and family that keeps a memory of their loved ones. Creating a beautiful memorial card for a deceased loved one can help friends and family to better remember their lives through the years.

 After the funeral, it is widespread for people to put the memorial card into a Bible or prayer book to remind them of the loved one they lost. Modern funeral and memorial cards can vary in sentiment and silliness, depending on the loved one and his personality. These cards are ideal to inform family and friends about the passing of your loved one, and also act as invitations for the funeral and memorial service.

 Funeral cards are meant to commemorate the person who has passed away, serving as the final memorial tribute to a loved one. Create a poignant memorial for your loved one by choosing your funeral card design, customizing it with your own words, and adding a photo. Sending a custom-printed, laminated memorial prayer card customized for you by family and friends pays a lasting tribute to your loved one.

 CARDDesigner.ca, uplifting funeral prayer cards are made quickly with the utmost care, to honor your loved one. Not just given at funerals, funeral prayer cards can also be shared during visits, wakes, viewings, memorial services, and life celebrations. Plain prayer cards, which are unrelated to a funeral or memorial, are still found. Funeral cards are typically small, 2-1/2-inch-by-4-1/4″ laminated cards distributed at a funeral or memorial service.

Funeral Cards

These cards may include the front photograph, along with time and date information, and the location of the funeral or memorial ceremony. Memorial cards can be printed by the funeral home, ordered online, or you can create them yourself using templates. Memorial prayer cards, funeral mass cards, funeral bookmarks, and obituary cards are typically covered in a laminate, or printed on synthetic materials that make them water-resistant and durable, creating a beautiful, long-lasting memorial.CARDDesigner.ca has templates for funeral cards, memorial prayer cards, funeral bookmarks, and funeral announcement cards, with a variety of colors, layouts, and designs that will help you make the perfect memorial or funeral card keepsake, announcement, or greeting.

 All our funeral gratitude card designs include options for entering what you want to be printed on the product page. You can then enter text directly in the “Quotes and prayers” box that is located on each of our memorial card designs.

 On the back of our funeral personalized prayer cards, you can add the funeral poem, a quote, a prayer, any custom poem, or even a personal statement. If you are doing just one double-sided card, you can choose to print the prayer, poem, or order of service on the second side.