Funeral Prayer Cards

As an added remembrance of the deceased, families will often produce funeral prayer cards to distribute to all funeral attendees. What is a funeral prayer cards? Funeral Prayer cards contain a specific type of prayer with a picture of the deceased on the front of the card, thereby having printing on both sides.

Funeral Prayer Cards

The front of the prayer card will have a background scene and the deceased photo along with their date of birth to date of death. Usually, the title may read In Loving Memory of…” or “Forever in Our Hearts.”  The back of the prayer card contains a short prayer or even a short poem.

The funeral prayer cards are  the size of a business card and most come laminated or families will laminate it themselves. The lamination seals the card for a long lasting token of the deceased. The size of a business card is convenient and can easily be stored in a purse or wallet.

Prayers from the book of Psalms, Catholic liturgy, or one coming from your own thoughts can be written on the back of the cards. Often its more heartfelt and personal when the prayer is written by a family member. There are resources on the web that sell pre-printed funeral prayer cards however, often the turnaround time for printing and shipment is a bit longer than one normally has. You could pay for a rush delivery, but there is another solution that is more cost effective..

Utilizing funeral prayer card templates is a wise choice. By creating and printing your own, you do not have the time constraints of ordering and can print as many as you like without being charge a per card fee. You can also use the template again should you decide you need to. It’s a convenient way to create these cards and you can be done with customizing them in minutes!

With all the other details of planning a funeral, you will value the time and money saved by choosing a predesigned template. You also have more control over the final and finished funeral prayer card.

You can easily create personalized funeral prayer cards by way of using funeral templates which not only makes the production easier but is cost effective too! Personalizing this number one keepsake is a matter of placing a photo on the front of the card of the deceased. The photo is accompanied with their full name and date of birth and date of death.

On the reverse side, you can place a prayer of your choice from any type of denomination the deceased belonged to. If the deceased was not a part of any religion, then an alternative would be to place a special poem or personal written work. Using one of these alternative options really adds a sense of genuineness to the keepsake.

Catholic and Protestant religions alike use funeral prayer cards as a last memorial to their loved one. By distributing it to everyone who attended the funeral service, their loved one can be remembered and prayed about by those who hold the card. The cards come in a very convenient size in either a business card dimension or a credit card sizing which is slightly larger.

Laminating the cards as a finishing touch is a good idea if you want to preserve it longer. Other ideas for personalized funeral prayer cards is embedding the deceased photo on the entire front side. So rather than just placing the photo inside an oval frame on the front, you can have their entire photo fit the whole side of the front.

Funeral Prayer cards are a wonderful addition to any memorial service program and a great way to help your loved one’s memory be kept alive.

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