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When we lose someone close to us, Christian funeral songs and music can provide tremendous comfort. This Christian funeral song is ideal for friends and family members of those who have lost someone, and it can be a nice way to remember the loved one, and also to keep people together during hard times. For many Christians, a reminder that their loved one is now with Christ alone for eternity brings comfort, making it a popular Christian funeral song. Dancing With The Angels is a modern Christian funeral song that expresses the profound grief of losing your loved one, yet is joyful that they are now in heaven.

 Like many other songs for a funeral, this beloved hymn centers around a philosophy that says we never lose our loved ones, even if they pass away. Heavens Song will deliver a comforting, hopeful message for the mourners gathered together at the funeral service to bid farewell to their loved ones. Cornerstone is a song of hope and encouragement that is appropriate at a funeral, but also appropriate for Christians in the time of needing to grieve the loss of a loved one. Although “Tears in Heaven” has a melancholy feel, it also expresses the hope that one day all will see their loved ones in Heaven once more.

 This song is written from a Christian standpoint, looking forward to Heaven. Although written in 1929, this song is considered by some to be a modern Christian composition. The Perfect Song is a traditional hymn played at Christian funerals around the world, with a generic melody everyone can relate to.

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A beautiful Christian song commonly played at funerals around the world, this melody contemplates all the things it would feel like to stand before God as you head for heaven. Inspired by the death of singer-songwriter Bart Millard’s father, “You Are Beautiful” contemplates what all be like in Heaven, standing before God.

 A lovely song for Christian funerals, the song I Will Rise urges Christian singers to examine their lives and deaths, remembering they will return home to God. This song will remind all the Christians attending the funeral to return to their faith. Christian funeral songs like Beneath the waters, I shall arise, and Just a short walk with Thee may also bring euphoria, luxuriating in the Christian imagery of rising from the dead and being with Jesus.

 Often, the music at a funeral is Christian, featuring songs of loving God, heaven, angels, and a life that lasts forever. Often, songs chosen for a funeral or memorial are spiritual in nature, speaking of a person’s belief in God. Whatever your needs, Christian funeral songs can provide a soothing, reassuring, and sometimes uplifting piece of music for your funeral or memorial service.

 This lovely song is an excellent choice for those a bit rocker, but who nonetheless love Jesus more than life itself. Even the strongest Christians are not necessarily ready to say goodbye, and this song gives insight into the struggles of coming to terms with a vacuum left by someone you loved.