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The phrase “I have been waiting for the Lord to return to me” makes this hymn perfect for a Catholic funeral mass. Dafford is the perfect closing anthem for Catholic funeral Masses. “Angel’s Bread” “Angel’s Bread” is especially suitable for serving during the Holy Communion of Catholic Funeral Mass.

About five hymns are sung at the Catholic memorial service and performed during the Eucharistic Liturgy. There are many opportunities to play hymns at the funeral liturgy. Catholic funeral traditions require that hymns be sung during the vigil, the Christian funeral mass, and the farewell rite.

 The parish is responsible for the memorial service, but the family of the deceased can also decide which funeral hymns to include in the memory of the loved one. Here is an anthology of hymns that might be appropriate for a Roman Catholic funeral mass. Depending on the form of service you use, some hymns may also apply to funeral etiquette outside of Mass. Some parishes insist that all funerals use traditional chants associated with each part of the Mass, and they usually have a music director, organist, choir, or conductor who can play and sing for you. Here are some of the best funeral songs and hymns you might want to consider for yourself or a loved one. Analysis of our funeral music recordings revealed some interesting information about the most popular Catholic funeral songs and hymns.

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These Christian funeral hymns are among the best funeral songs and can be a worthy tribute to a loved one.

Including Catholic hymns, Baptist hymns, and traditional funeral songs, this list of funeral hymns can inspire you for a funeral or burial service for a loved one. In the Order of Christian Funerals, the Catholic Church specifies what types of songs may be sung at funerals. Music in the form of hymns, songs, and responses is present throughout the funeral mass. Look Beyond The Look Beyond hymn is perfect for the Eucharistic part of a Catholic funeral.

  The words are quite simple, so “Amazing Grace” is easy to sing for everyone present at the funeral, regardless of their religious affiliation. Be Not Afraid Be Not Afraid is one of the most popular Catholic funeral hymns, as its lyrics focus on providing comfort during times of transition, loss, and fear. This song is the most popular funeral song for many Catholic mothers.