Leave a message today or read on to learn more about our professional obituary writing services. We are available to answer any questions you may have and help ensure that each obituary is reviewed quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re visiting our site to inquire about an upcoming service or organize one, hope you find the answers we provide helpfully. Whether you need help organizing a funeral for a loved one, pre-burial planning, or just have questions about the process, we are here to help.

 The CARDDesigner team of dedicated professionals is always available to assist you with your funeral arrangements. We offer any burial or cremation services and supplies you may need when organizing your funeral at our funeral home. Our mortuary family believes that our prices are fair and just but will be in line with any prices advertised by funeral service providers for funerals, wakes, or cremation services. Our site offers comprehensive funeral services including prepaid funeral planning, cremation, and maintenance of all cemeteries.

 An obituary is different from the eulogy usually given at a funeral or memorial service. An obituary is intended to share details of any funeral and memorial services. The obituary is also dedicated to the family, both those who predeceased your loved one and the survivors who honor your loss.

As a member of the family, you should make sure you honor the dying person or appoint someone to write an obituary. You can also select a family member or friend to help you through the obituary writing process. You may need to print an obituary to inform others of your loved one’s death.

 Obituaries and newspapers are freely available to the public, so it doesn’t make sense to spend money just to see them for yourself. For example, many states have death databases, and nearly all newspapers publish obituaries online for free. For example, the obituary section of The New York Times is published online and in print.

 We provide printing services primarily for funerals, memorials, and family celebrations and exceptional printing service for all of our funeral programs, including thank you cards,  commemorative bookmarks, and prayer cards in a variety of sizes.

 Whether you choose a comprehensive funeral service or a cheap direct cremation, we leave no stone unturned. As a full-service funeral home and company-owned private crematorium, we can do whatever it takes to ensure that your loved one can rest in peace.

Funeral Templates

Funeral planning is actually one of the first steps in treating your pain, and we are here to help in any way we can. Life can be very difficult after the loss of a loved one, and planning a funeral or cremation during this time of bereavement can seem especially difficult. When planning an obituary for a loved one (or yours), first contact a funeral home or similar funeral service.

This way, you will know how to plan ahead for the length of the obituary or make adjustments to suit the wishes of your loved ones and family in the space you will have. You can plan ahead instead of having your family make dozens of decisions about coffins, urns, memorials, keepsake jewelry, military honors, veterans services, bronze memorials, and grieving resources.

 While you can find instructions on how to write an obituary, these simple obituary template examples are free and make life easier.  If you want to include more information about your family, you can use this short obituary template. This model can be used even if commemorative donations are not required.

We often open a note, mostly handwritten, thanking us for the services we have rendered to the family. It’s especially great to hear or see how happy families are to have our staff of licensed professionals assist with these events and our friendly and welcoming staff assist with any needs that may arise. Our staff is committed to providing your family with the highest quality care and services in times of need, and we take pride in our responsibility to ease your burden as you take the first steps towards recovery.

 With over a few years of experience in funeral services, CARDDesigner experienced staff specializes in creating unique personalized gifts with attention to detail. Our process is time-saving and helps reduce the burden of funeral expenses. The offer usually includes a visit, a visit or memorial service at our Annapolis funeral home or local place of worship, and a burial ceremony at the local cemetery.