The Obituary Program

The funeral program is just another name for an obituary program. Other names can be funeral bulletin, order of service program, or even memorial service programs. Many people refer to this keepsake as an obituary since it houses the deceased obituary as well as other important components of the funeral service. Items such as funeral poems, scriptures, photos form the lifetime of the loved one, funeral songs, and special acknowledgments.

An obituary is not a difficult task to complete. There are shortcuts you can take but still produce a rather beautiful program. It isn’t as daunting a project as one may think that lacks creative skill. Using an obituary template can help speed up the process and will also save you costs since you will be preparing it yourself.

An obituary of the deceased is also placed within the program and can include such information as the full name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death, birthplace, cause of death, the wake or viewing location, schools attended, organizations they were a part of such as clubs or a military branch, church membership, career or trade they worked in, and lastly the surviving family members.

You can also place the obituary on a memorial candle or within a memorial book. It’s an incredible piece of written item that is an important part of a celebration of one’s life. It summarizes all about the life of a deceased and years after the service has ended, the obituary is a great reminder keepsake.

Obituary Program