When the time comes to write a funeral thank you card, be sure you say all that you want with the correct words for a funeral thank you card. Knowing what you are going to say or write about your funeral thank you cards can be difficult. If you are struggling with funeral thank-you notes, this guide shows you what to write, when to send them, and some helpful sample wording, along with a lot more. Hopefully, the funeral thank you note examples provided here have helped you write your own notes and made clear just how much you need and value your friend’s and loved ones’ support.

 While finding the energy to write a funeral thank you note can be challenging, doing so is a meaningful way of acknowledging the love and kindness friends and family members showed you at this challenging time in your life. You do not have to send out an official thank you note to each and every person who attended a funeral or sent you a card acknowledging the death of a loved one. People who participated personally at the funeral are also deserving of thanks. When people showed support, whether it was by sending you a card or sympathy message, flowers, or simply being present at the funeral, you probably want to thank them.

Funeral Cards

To begin with, know that sympathy cards are typically sent to people who helped during the hard times, whether it was watching your children or pets, providing meals, sending flowers, donating money to cover the funeral costs, sending a sympathy card, or attending the service. Anyone that sent sympathy cards and condolence cards, nice flowers, made generous donations, served as a pallbearer, or performed any other kind act, should send a thank you card as an expression of appreciation. It is OK to have a friend or other family member organize the sympathy thank you cards and write a message for you, as well. You can buy sympathy thank you cards which come with pre-printed messages, or blank note cards to write your own messages.

 If writing long cards by hand seems intimidating, buy gratitude cards that have a preprinted message inside. Thank you cards may be purchased at a funeral home, a gift shop, a department store, a stationery shop, or from an online print shop specializing in funeral products. These sympathy thank-you cards for funerals, wakes, and memorial ceremonies can be designed using one of our standard template passages for thanks, or personalized with your own custom message.

 There are a lot of different reasons you might want to send a sympathy funeral to thank you card — like saying thanks for attending the funeral, thanks for your floral/memorial contributions to the funeral, thanks for the help, meals, cards, etc. And, of course, there are some specific, special people that deserve a message that is a little more special. Thank-you notes can be a great reason to catch up with friends and family, and you might want to thank all those who attended the service, sent their condolences, brought food or flowers, or offered an ear to anyone attending.