Hopefully, these basic obituary templates can get you started on writing a death notice for a loved one. A Microsoft Word obituary template can be a fast and easy way to start writing an obituary or creating a memorial schedule. To help you with writing your death notice or obituary, here are several templates. First, you can use the template to help you design a memorial notice to publish in public print publications, on an online website, or in a memento, such as the funeral or obituary program, or in other printed materials, such as bookmarks and prayer cards.

 A printable obituary template may also be a pre-designed document that helps you to create a funeral or obituary program for a loved one who has died. Basic family obituary template If you want to include additional family information, this is the shortest template to use. Below, you will find some tips about what to include in a short obituary, as well as a few examples and templates to get you started.

 Writing an obituary is easier if you gather all of your information beforehand. The best way to write a good obituary for your loved one is to collect as much information as you can.

Funeral Programs Template

Anyone writing an obituary should remember that none of this information is required. An obituary will usually also include a death date and a birth date. The death notice is also placed in an obituary schedule. It may include information such as the decedent’s full name, birth, and death dates, place of birth, cause of death, funeral or viewing locations, schools attended, organizations he was a part of, such as clubs or military branches, church membership, profession or business they worked, and finally, the family members who survived. An obituary also has a description of the deceased person’s life achievements, the persons left behind, and details about funeral/funeral services.

 Through this column, we wish to announce that [First Name+Last Name], age[number], who lived in [Residence] passed away on [full date] of [cause of death] (cause of death is not necessary). Through this column, we would like to inform you that [First name + Last name ], aged [number ], residing at [residence] passed away on [full date] from [cause of death] (cause of death is optional ). The model of the profile is as follows: The model is for an ((full_name)), ((age)), deceased, passed away at ((date_of_death)) in his house, surrounded by his loved ones ((possessive_pronouns) following a short struggle with a disease]. Short Obituary – Celebration of Life Short Obituary – Celebration of Life template (( full_name) ), (( age) ), of (( death_location), passed peacefully on (( date_of_death) ), surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun) ), surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun)) family & loved ones), ), after a short struggle with [disease]. How to edit these simple example obituary templates If these templates do not suit your exact needs, you may want to fill in the blanks, and then add or remove the information you want, using a computer word-processing or text-editing program, or a Google Doc.