Use this funeral obituary template to help you make a beautiful funeral program service order. Keep things nice and classic with this neat clean order of service template you can use for your funeral events. Bring a fresh but unique appearance to the funeral order of service schedule with this pink-themed example order template that can be edited using Photoshop and MS Word. An appealing sky blue scheme that works for everyone, this sample design is easy to customize and can serve both as an invitation as well as an order of service program.

 Well, with our funeral order of service template, it is simple to make things look great, with an uncluttered design that is totally gorgeous. has a wide range of Funeral Brochures templates, so you do not have to make do with the common appearance or the too-basic designs. You can find Microsoft Word templates at many of the same sites where you will find word-compatible templates for funeral programs. Just like you would find templates that are compatible with Google Docs if you were creating a funeral program using MS Word.

 You can download simple-to-use templates and open them up in Microsoft Word, where you can then edit them however you like. Most funeral programs and brochures follow similar designs, which is why several sites created simple-to-use templates. Some of our custom templates are downloaded so that you can customize them yourself, others are print-ready, so all you have to do is place your order, submit your details, and you will get a file that is ready for you to send off to your printer. If you are looking for an Order of Funerals template with the base design for the funeral services brochure in PSD, you may want to take a look at this Order template on Google Docs.

Funeral Templates

Make a funeral service a memorable one for many people by using this order of funeral template in MS Word, which allows you to list all important funeral-related information in a convenient manner. Remember, Funeral Service Order provides 12 pages and innumerable ways to customize it so that you can build something really unique and beautiful. This beautiful schedule, template includes settings for photos, and lots of room on the inside for an Order of Services, Eulogy, and whatever else you would like to add. Give your loved ones the honorable sendoff they deserve when you use the Graveside Services Program Sample by Peace template to create their memorial or funeral announcement.

 Use the memorial brochure template to create your own custom funeral or memorial service invitation. You can easily modify text, images, and colors in Photoshop or Illustrator, and there is even a template to use on Instagram. Each memorial pamphlet template is filled in with carefully-set placeholders for text, images, and other design elements – but each component is also easy for you to adjust and customize. Both stacked options are great for funerals or memorial programs, giving you plenty of space to showcase poignant photos, poems, and memories, along with the schedule of services.