In this article, we are going to look at the top Christian songs that are appropriate for a funeral and a memorial service. That is, there are many songs out there to choose from in terms of Christian music which could create a suitable atmosphere for the funeral services. Even if your church requires that you pick religious funeral songs, you may be able to opt for something that is more modern in nature. Depending on how you wish to honor your dead, you may choose from more traditional hymns or modern Christian funeral music, or even incorporate a blend of a number of styles from various eras.

 If their faith was important to your loved one, this collection of 10 modern Christian songs might be perfect for their funeral, providing an uplifting alternative to traditional hymns. If you have no strong religious views and are slightly unsure about what hymns are appropriate for funerals, the following suggestions may help you to find a suitable song for your loved one’s funeral. Since there are many lovely choices out there, we have put together a list of some of the most commonly used inspiration songs for funerals. We put together this list so you can create a playlist for your funeral that each griever will enjoy.

Funeral Templates

We created an extensive list of Christian funeral hymns, military funeral music, modern Christian/gospel music suitable for funerals/memorials, and secular funeral songs for comfort and remembrance. Historically, spiritual songs for funerals were limited to hymns which were to be sung mostly at religious services. Often, the music at a funeral was Christian, with songs of the love of God, heaven, angels, and a life to last. This Christian funeral music is ideal for friends and families of those who have lost someone, and it can be a nice way to remember your loved one, and also to keep people together during a tough time.

 For many Christians, a reminder that their loved one is now with Christ alone for eternity brings comfort, making it a popular Christian funeral song. Dancing With The Angels is a modern Christian funeral song that expresses the profound grief of losing your loved one, yet is joyful that they are now in heaven. A lovely Christian funeral song, the song I Will Rise urges Christian singers to see the inner workings of their lives and deaths, as well as remember they will return home to God. The song is written from a Christian point of view, looking forward to heaven.

 This song will remind any Christian attending a funeral to return to their faith. A lovely Christian song commonly played at funerals around the world, this melody contemplates how all people would feel standing in front of God as they head for heaven. Inspired by the death of singer-songwriter Bart Millard’s father, “You Are Beautiful” contemplates what all be like in Heaven, standing before God.

 Christian funeral songs like Beneath the waters, I shall arise, and Just a short walk with Thee may also offer an uplifting experience, luxuriating in the Christian imagery of rising from the dead and being with Jesus. The Christian songs shared below provide both classical and contemporary versions, which still provide peace, reflection, and joy, even centuries later.