is designed for printing out the front and back on a standard piece of printer paper (though you will want to invest in a good, thick, glossy paper for these programs). These templates are cute, modern feel, and are simple to use. With a compelling sky blue color scheme that works well with any background, this product in question is easy to customize and works well as an invitation and order of service schedule.

This minimal funeral schedule template is a digital download that you can edit and customize in Word. You can choose our free funeral plan template right now.  has an extensive collection of funeral brochure templates, so you do not have to make do with generic looks or too-basic designs.

 You can find Microsoft Word templates at many of the same sites where you will find word-compatible templates for funeral programs. Just like you would find templates that are compatible with Google Docs if you were creating a funeral program using MS Word.

Funeral Program Templates

You could either let the funeral directors handle this, as mentioned earlier, or you could use one of many templates and publication sites, as well as software programs. Most funeral programs and brochures are designed in a similar way, which is why several sites have created templates that are simple and easy to use. For a four-page funeral services program, for instance, you could print out a layout of the design, front and back, onto one normal-size (8 1/2 x 11) landscape page, then fold it in half.

Keep in mind, the design and layout of the funeral service and memorial service programs are mostly the same. If you want a more formal, longer memorial service program example, the template at the right is for a one-page, double-sided program, designed to be folded up to form a four-sectioned program. The typeface, or typestyle, that you choose for your memorial program can convey a sense of the event, with more formal script styles conjuring up a more elegant occasion, while simpler, minimalist styles can give off a contemporary or more subdued feel.

Choose from blank, simple, classic, elegant, contemporary, floral, lavender, white, or black designs and backgrounds depending on the theme of the funeral program you want to have. Our template samples that you can choose include a funeral church bifold or trifold funeral booklet, funeral obituary, funeral service invitation, and memorial service announcement invitation. Each one of their printable funeral programs is made from unique designs that are made from quality, color-coordinated covers and interior pages. The interior pages of each funeral brochure contain a funeral obituary template and an order of service template, however, you may modify the contents according to your needs. You can create the program entirely using Microsoft Word, or you may make a template for it to hand over to the funeral director.