Printing Tips for Funeral Programs

Please Make Sure to Setup Your Printer Correctly

1) Page Scaling – None (this will make your borders even all the way around) 

2) Orientation – Set to landscape or portrait depending on which product you are printing

3) 2-Sided Printing – set your printer to print on both sides and flip on short or long edges depending on which funeral product you are printing (some less complex printers will not have this option. In this case, you will have to print one side at a time)

4) Color or Black/White – Set as desired

Funeral Program Printing Note:

– The first setting listed above is the most important because the borders are already built for you. If you do not set your “Page Scaling” to “None” then your borders along the edge will be bigger than they should be. 

– If your printer is taking a long time to print between funeral programs, then your printer is probably set to collate. Uncheck the collated box and your printer will not pause between pages. 

– If you need further help with printing please contact our customer support at

Funeral Program Template