The best poems for funerals express emotions about the loss of a loved one. There is an array of emotions during the grieving and mourning period. There are feelings of loss, sadness, grief, guilt, and abandonment. Often in bereavement, these emotions can be felt simultaneously.

Poems are a popular method to express profound emotions in the human soul. Many people relate to its carefully chosen words that may present their feelings with better expression.

You may want to select poems that contain themes of death, hope, and encouragement within its verses. Mourners will be able to relate too many of the words but at the same time they will be looking for comfort. There are many death themed poems available from the public domain and are searchable on the web.

Free Poems For Funeral Programs

These poems are best to use because the public domain allows you to be able to use them freely without permission. Bible verses are also a good resource for some of the best poems for funerals. A popular verse is Psalm 23 which is read in many memorial and funeral services.

Psalm 23 is used most frequently at funerals because of the encouraging message it provides to the surviving family and friends. It is a psalm that reveals the person who lived their life in faith is now in the house of the Lord forever. This brings comfort to mourners because they have a glimpse of the happiness and peace their loved one is currently experiencing.

The most used poem for a funeral is “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Frye. Hearing words expressed through a poem can also begin the healing process. During a time of loss we are often at a loss for words, poetry can help surface our most inner feelings of grief and sadness.

Funeral Poems

You may also want to consider choosing a poem that hints at the personality of the deceased. Additionally, there are themes in remembering the dearly departed and not to be sad they are no longer on the earth. You can use the poem(s) you’ve selected and incorporate it into the funeral program or have a friend or family member read it during the service.

These poems are used to express how much the person meant to them. It is common to use a poem written by someone else or is well known especially if it was a favorite of the deceased. You will want to make sure that the poem is appropriate surrounding the circumstances of death. This is a way that allows people who do not know how to express their grief any other way. Most of the poems that you will find appropriate where written during a time of grief or pain. You may also find some that will express where they will go after passing.

This will be a little more joyous so you will want to take caution when choosing the best poem for the deceased. Remember to respect those who will be in attendance at the funeral. It is important to not embarrass or cause any extra pain by saying things that might be inappropriate. If you cannot think of anything that would best describe this person then I suggest using a poem that was written by some else.

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