A funeral brochure is a folded, printed sheet that presents the events of the funeral or memorial service, as well as celebrates the life of the deceased. A funeral program (sometimes called a funeral booklet, service booklet, or brochure) is a printed paper or card detailing the events of the funeral or memorial. The purpose of this handout is to outline key points at a funeral, sometimes including quotes or poems celebrating the life being honored. The funeral program describes the well-planned process of what is going to happen, and will sometimes include a short review of the life milestones and achievements of the person who died.

Once you collect the personal information, photos of your loved one, and an Order of Service from your celebrant, you can start writing your memorial service program. If the family members are creating the memorial service program, they should be aware of the person’s life, be able to access photos and an obituary and be able to reach out to the location of the funeral.

Common information included in the memorial brochure includes an order of services (details about funerals or memorials), information about the obituary, favorite songs, funeral poems, scripture, memorial clipart, and photos from the family. For a personalized brochure, simply follow the funeral schedule templates we have designed, customizing the details such as death dates and the eulogy.

 If you are making funeral brochures at home, the funeral brochure templates are an easy quick solution for the easy production of printed memorial materials. Some of our custom templates are downloaded so that you can customize them on your own, others are print-ready, so all you have to do is place your order, submit your details, and you will get a file that is ready for you to send off to your printer.

 Each one of their printable funeral brochures is created using a unique design that is made up of quality, color-coordinated cover pages, and interior pages. The interior pages for each funeral brochure include obituary templates and order of service templates, though you can modify the contents according to your needs. The funeral order-of-service and obituary programs are printed on 8.5″x11″ quality paper and then folded. Once the Memorial Services pamphlet schedule is approved for printing, funeral programs are then printed and shipped using your chosen delivery method. Our Funeral Services brochures, also known as memorial booklets, feature front, and back covers, as well as two inside pages that are double-sided.

 Like others that we put together for this list,CARDDesigner.ca is designed for printing out the front and back on one standard piece of printer paper (though you will want to invest in a good, thick, glossy paper for these programs). Our template samples that you can choose include a funeral church bifold or trifold funeral booklet, obituary, funeral service invitation, memorial service announcement invitation, and roll-up banner for the funeral services, which is added to your funeral programs.