A Microsoft Word template for an obituary may be a quick and easy way to start writing an obituary or creating a memorial service schedule. You can download obituary templates free of charge online and fill out the details, but you will be more productive using the text editor on your computer. Writing an obituary may be difficult, but it does not have to go without assistance.

 Due to the grief we feel, it can be difficult to write the obituary and funeral schedule for a loved one. People can write obituaries or death notices for mothers, fathers, military veterans, children, grandfathers, and grandmothers, just to name a few.

 Obituary Example For Professional Athlete An example of an obituary template for a professional athlete is((full_name)),((age)),of(death_location)), passed away at ((date_of_death)) in his home, surrounded by his((own_pronoun)) loved ones, after a short struggle with[disease] for some time. Short Obituary – Celebration of Life Short Obituary – Celebration of Life template (( full_name) ), (( age) ), of (( death_location), passed peacefully on (( date_of_death) ), surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun) ), surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun)) family & loved ones), ), after a short struggle with [disease].

Funeral Templates

An obituary also has a summary of the life achievements of the deceased, the people left behind, and details about funeral/funeral services. Instead, the obituary biography template design allows listing family members that survived the deceased person as well as those that preceded them. An obituary would be attractive if you could incorporate quotes from deceased persons and emphasize them within the obituary.

 End the obituary by listing details about the funeral service, like the date, time, and location. Helpful Obituary Templates Planning the Funeral — This might seem like a simple statement about death, but in order to make an obituary, you have to begin thinking about the things that will be shared during the funeral service.

 First, you may want to use a template that helps you to design the obituary to publish in public print publications, online sites, or a memento like the funeral or obituary service schedule, or other printed materials such as bookmarks and prayer cards. A printable obituary template may also be a pre-designed document that helps you to create a funeral or obituary program for a loved one who has died. How to Make Changes in These Simple Sample Obituary Templates If these templates do not exactly fit your needs, you can fill them out, and then add or remove information as needed, using a computer word processing or text editing program, or a Google Doc.

 Since many funerals are themed-based and used to portray a person’s personality or life they/she lived proudly, you can use this template to create a beautiful memorial for your loved one. The simple act of working on a short pageant-like template to sum up details about the person’s life and death will help you make your thoughts special to their funeral or memorial. An obituary card template can guide the way you wish this emotional part to go.