Customize the free obituary template, or follow these easy steps to create a fitting obituary for your loved one. These sample obituary templates are provided as guidelines to help you begin writing a funeral obituary for a deceased friend or loved one. By reading through the obituary examples, you can find it easier to write one for your loved one, or for yourself. If you are faced with the challenge of writing a funeral obituary for a loved one, then it can help to read examples of funeral obituaries to help you brainstorm some ideas.

 This step-by-step guide to writing an obituary includes useful information, tips, and obituary examples so that you can write a respectful, meaningful obituary. To help you inform others about the passing of a loved one, you can use  obituary examples to write a respectable obituary honoring their life. As a member of the family, one of the most important things that you should do is to write a nice obituary to honor your loved one’s life. When writing an obituary, you need to make sure that you honor the person who died and pay tribute to his or her life.

 As mentioned above, a funeral obituary typically includes the names of those immediate surviving family members and friends who survived the deceased, along with those who preceded the deceased person to death. Other individuals, such as extended family members or close friends, may also be listed in an obituary if you believe that your loved one would want to include others. Obituaries usually list survivors of the deceased, and people who predeceased your loved one. Obituaries are typically published prior to a funeral service, and typically include a section that announces information about a funeral or memorial service.

Obituary Templates

An obituary is a short summary of the person’s life, typically including family members’ names, information about arrangements for a funeral or memorial service, and preferences regarding flowers and donations. An obituary also includes information regarding the place where he lived, worked, and was involved in voluntary activities; any funeral, memorial, or other services; as well as the deceased’s preferences regarding flowers, memorial donations, or other items of significance. An obituary also serves to notify the public of the death of a person and provides information about any services scheduled. In newspapers, you will always see the part in the obituary in which the writer gives his or her personal message about the deceased individual, as well as includes the details about his or her funeral services.

 An obituary can be written for the announcement of the death in a newspaper, or it can be written for a funeral service program, prayer cards, and memorial keepsakes. Even the most sensational obituary must include critical details about a person’s life and death.

 Or, if you prefer some assistance, our editors can create a handsome, custom-written obituary for your loved one. Whether you are looking for a short obituary for a family member or a humorous one for a close friend, we hope that using our obituary examples, you will be able to write a perfect obituary. For more details on writing an obituary, obituary formats, and more examples and obituary ideas, see our articles on How to Write An Obituary, Newspaper Obituaries, and Death Notices, as well as the Obituary Templates or obituary examples.