Obituary Headline Examples

When writing an obituary, the headline serves as the first impression readers will have of the deceased. It is essential to create a title that captures the essence of the person’s life and leaves a lasting impact. CARDDesigner.ca is an excellent website that can help you design beautiful obituary cards and provide various templates to choose from. Here are some examples of obituary headlines to inspire you:

1. “Beloved Community Leader and Philanthropist Passes Away”

This headline is suitable for someone who was known for their active involvement in the community and their philanthropic efforts. It highlights their significant contributions and emphasizes their impact on others.

2. “In Loving Memory of a Compassionate Teacher and Mentor”

If the deceased was a dedicated teacher who touched the lives of many, this headline showcases their compassionate nature and the positive influence they had on their students. It helps portray their lasting legacy.

3. “Celebrating the Life of a Talented Artist and Creative Soul”

This headline is fitting for someone who made a mark in the field of arts or possessed a natural creative talent. It captures their passion for art and their unique perspective on the world.

4. “Remembering a Devoted Family Member and Loving Parent”

If the person was a loving and nurturing individual who prioritized their family, this headline emphasizes their role as a devoted family member and showcases their love and care.

5. “A Life Well Lived: Honoring the Legacy of a Remarkable Humanitarian”

For someone who dedicated their life to helping others and making a difference in the world, this headline acknowledges their humanitarian efforts and the impact they had on society. It serves as a tribute to their remarkable legacy.

Tips & Tricks for Writing Obituary Headlines:

  • Keep it concise but meaningful – Include the most significant attributes or achievements of the deceased.
  • Highlight their unique qualities – Emphasize what made the person special and what set them apart.
  • Consider the deceased’s passions and accomplishments – Tailor the headline to reflect their interests or notable achievements.
  • Use positive language – Focus on celebrating their life rather than dwelling on their passing.
  • Involve family and friends – Seek input from loved ones to ensure the headline captures the essence of the person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Obituary Headlines:

1. Can I use more than one headline in an obituary?

Yes, you can include multiple headlines or subheadings to highlight different aspects of the person’s life. Just ensure that they complement each other and provide a well-rounded view.

2. Should I include the person’s name in the headline?

In most cases, it is not necessary to include the person’s name in the headline since it will be mentioned in the obituary itself. However, if the person was widely known or had a specific title, it may be appropriate to include their name in the headline.

3. How long should an obituary headline be?

An obituary headline should ideally be brief and succinct, typically no more than a few words or a short phrase. The focus should be on capturing the essence of the person’s life rather than creating a lengthy title.

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