Before we dive into examples of fathers’ biographies, let’s talk about a few ways you can structure your own. If this is the case for you, this guide covers how to write obituaries for your father, including father obituary examples. When writing a father’s obituary, you’ll also want to focus on other aspects of his life that are especially meaningful for you (and your family).

 Typically, you end your obituary by detailing any additional services that will take place in memory of the father’s life. You will always have the opportunity to publish a more complete obituary online or share more of a father’s life at the funeral service or memorial. Funny anecdotes, stories that show a dad’s personality, and stories about achievements will add richness to an obituary narrative, both for the grieving family and outsiders.

 This is a good example of how you can infuse the obituary with the personality of the person you love. If your loved one who has just passed away was extraordinary too, use this obituary as an example of how to recognize her (or his) achievements. As a family member, one of the most important things that you should do is to write a beautiful obituary that celebrates your loved one’s life.

Obituary Example Templates

When writing an obituary,  you need to make sure that you honor the person who died and pay tribute to his or her life. You should ensure that your obituary reflects who your dad was and what he meant to those around him. The details about his death will help readers understand the basics about your dad’s life, but it is not everything you need to write an appropriate tribute.

 Keep in mind that, even if you include personal anecdotes of sharing memories with your dad, obituaries are generally written from a third-person perspective. Depending on the wishes of your family, as well as space or budget constraints from a newspaper or a publication site, it is possible to incorporate personal touches into your obituary story. An obituary should be factual, but the best obituaries include personal insights, comments, and observations.

 An obituary does not just share a person’s birth and death dates, it typically includes at least one photograph of someone, as well as highlights about their achievements or even personality. An obituary also serves as a notification that someone has passed and provides information about any services scheduled. An obituary is a short piece of writing which gives notice of someone’s passing.

 An obituary is usually the first thing that people read each day in their newspapers — and, for many, will probably be the last written of their lives. More than just a farewell for a person who has died, an obituary is a goodbye that details their life chronologically. While these are only a few examples of touching obituaries, you are free to write your own thoughtful tribute to your dad, in any way that suits you.