Family members and friends [of the deceased’s immediate family] are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services. Once the details about where, when, and how the funeral service will take place are known, you may want to send funeral invitations. When writing funeral notices, think about your audience and include details that people will need in order to either attend the funeral service or send their condolences.

 A funeral notice may also provide guidance for people if a family has decided that a private burial is appropriate to do so. A funeral notice can often act as an open invitation to mourners to attend a service.

 Sending funeral invitations or memorial service invitations is usually recommended, particularly if you are not having a private ceremony. If the invitation is for a memorial service or celebration of life, send out the funeral invitations once you have the schedule for dates and details worked out. Since it is up to you and your family to decide what you want to do after a funeral, you may decide on the invitations to your funeral reception yourself.

 This means that you are inviting guests to a reception specifically, either as an addendum or in lieu of the funeral service. A funeral reception invitation is slightly different than a traditional funeral announcement or reception.

Funeral Templates

A funeral notice card is used mostly to invite guests to the funeral or memorial service held for a loved one. Some families view funeral announcement cards as an opportunity to create a shorter version of the obituary and thus opt to include more personal details, such as the final location of employment, and families use the announcement card as a call-to-arms to a funeral or memorial. A funeral announcement card, also known as a funeral invitation, is used to announce the death of a loved one to family, friends, and acquaintances, and invite the family to a funeral or memorial.

 Funeral invitation words are generally specific about the funeral service and are shared with only family, close friends, and acquaintances (not with the public at large). Additional information, such as the cause of death, surviving family members, and other details of the deceased, is not traditionally part of the funeral invitation. Whether you are planning a funeral, a memorial service, a virtual funeral, or another kind of event to remember your loved one, we can help give you the peace of mind that your family and friends have all of the details of the event and service that they will need.

 Here, we will show you what to include in your funeral invitation, along with designs that help you honor your loved one in a special, heartfelt way. Our Celebration of Life Invitation complete customization features are ideal if you are not planning a traditional funeral, but rather something more akin to an invitation for a one-year memorial or another commemorative ritual for your lost loved one.