If you are stuck with what to do, here are a few ideas for celebrating a life that will help cherish the memories of the person you loved with actions. There is a lot of celebration of life ideas with themes out there that can be tailored to create a memorial service that honors our loved ones as the individuals that they were.

 Whether it is days, weeks, months, or years after the death of a loved one, having a custom celebration of their life can be a beautiful way to remember them. You can thoughtfully express your respect to an incredible human being by planning a celebration of life to allow friends and family to come together to grieve together, as well as to honor the legacy your loved one left behind on earth. Our hope is that you are inspired to honor and remember the amazing, surprising, special person that your loved one was, whether it is during the funeral service or memorial service, and for years to come.

 Unlike the funeral ceremony, a beautiful aspect of a life celebration and a memorial service for your loved one is that you get to do it exactly as you want. One of the special places for life celebration services to take place at memorials could be in your own home, or in the person who has passed away. Some people prefer to have a wake, a funeral, or a memorial service, as well as a life celebration, while others prefer to have just one or two of those events. Sometimes the family holds a funeral-like service, but rather than using the more traditional funeral ceremony, calls it a celebration of life.

Funeral Templates

Usually, this type of service has many of the same elements as a funeral, but the purpose is to replace a somber, stooping feel with a joyful event centered around keeping the memories of your loved one alive. Memory tables can be found in any type of celebration, birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even in memorial service. If you are looking for alternatives to funerals, but are unsure of where to start when it comes to non-traditional memorials, we can help you with a few decisions — some easy ones — with these 55 Unique Celebration of Life Ideas. If you are ready to plan and are looking for unique ways to beautifully commemorate a wonderful life, then keep reading below for 21 different ideas that will help you to create a memorial as memorable as your loved one, filled with details that celebrate who they were and what they loved.

 CARDDesigner.ca  can help you connect to those unique passions, helping you plan a unique service that pays tribute to a very special life. For additional ideas on celebrating life, download “Imagine,” filled with creative ideas for memorials. Talk with us about ideas to make a meaningful celebration of your loved one, or to plan your memorial events in advance. Grieving families, friends, co-workers, and others touched by the life of your loved one should be encouraged to make donations as a way of celebrating and remembering their grieving family member.