Other ideas for memorials include a memorial garden, memorial DVD, or dove release in your loved ones’ honor. Any option can still provide an amazing commemorative experience — here are a few ideas for a memorial celebration of life, including places where you can remember your loved one.

 If you are stuck about what you should do, here are some ideas for celebrations of life that may help cherish the memories of your loved one with your actions. If you are looking for alternatives to funerals, but are unsure of where to start when it comes to non-traditional memorials, we can help you ease into some decisions by sharing unique celebrations of life ideas. If you are ready to plan and are looking for unique ways to beautifully commemorate a wonderful life, then keep reading below for different ideas that will help you to create a memorial as memorable as your loved one, filled with details that celebrate who they were and what they loved.

 Whether it is days, weeks, months, or years after the death of a loved one, celebrating their life in unique ways can be a beautiful way to remember them. Family and friends can pay tribute in person, and it is a time to reflect on a lifetime together, as well as on the memories you have with your loved one. Host a funeral ceremony with family and friends on the anniversary of their death, to remember the amazing life they lived.

Funeral Templates

You can thoughtfully show your respect to a remarkable individual by planning a celebration of life so friends and family can come together to grieve together, as well as honor the legacy your loved one left behind on earth. Create remembrance balloon decorations for your loved ones’ memorial celebration. A memorial ceremony is a beautiful way to remember and celebrate the memories.

CARDDesigner.ca provides various ideas on creating an appropriate memorial event for your loved one, or planning your remembrance events in advance.  We help you connect to those unique passions, helping to plan a unique service that honors a very special life.

 We put together a handy infographic to help you plan a meaningful, custom memorial ceremony for your loved one, which you can easily save on Pinterest or share on social media. Some ideas include a lantern drop and a memorial slideshow filled with videos submitted by loved ones. Other options include setting up a scholarship or foundation, planting trees in the loved ones’ community, or organizing times for public services to be performed in his/her honor. For example, dedicate a tree or park bench, name a star in honor of someone you loved, create an online memorial album, or create a video tribute.