This Funeral GuestBook has many lined pages so that your guests can sign their names and share memories of your loved one. A funeral guestbook or memorial guestbook is a register that you can give your friends and family members to sign, sharing condolences, memories, and best wishes at your viewing. While the funeral guestbook gets dusty in the closet and seldom gets brought out, a website filled with photos and memories of your loved one can be saved and displayed on a regular basis for everyone caring about the deceased. A funeral guest book, sympathy book, or memorial book, allows the families and friends of a dying person to share they attended the funeral, as well as maybe one or two favorite memories that they had of the deceased.

 Memorial services guest books enable the deceased’s family to see and remember how many people were touched and affected by his life. Custom guest books also act as a memento, which can be filled with loving memories to be looked back upon, remembered, and treasured for years. Reading through names and notes left by the loved one will provide great comfort for you and your family; the memorial funeral or memorial guest book will be a treasured heirloom for years to come. If you digitize a funeral guest book, you can give it away with ease at your loved one’s birthday, death anniversary, or another special memorial occasion.

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A funeral guest book is a record of who attended the memorial service or cremation, much like a wedding guest book, so that family members can easily send out Thank You cards afterward. Some funeral directors may offer an alternative guest book, like a sympathy book or a memorial card, in which the funeral attendee may write down his or her treasured memories to be shared with the family for reading after the service. Rather than the guest book at a funeral, no one will ever glance at, or a funeral service booklet that will get shoved in the drawer the following week, a funeral guest book or an online memorial service may build connections among people who are grieving, turning grief into shared love. The funeral planning site offers several custom guest books and pens for you to take with you to a wake, memorial service, viewing, and wherever friends and family may be gathering.

 A memorial photo book is a perfect accompaniment to a memory table at a funeral, or a perfect gift for the loved one of the deceased. Tribute photo books are ideal to keep, as well as to share, as they can be an ideal gift for anyone grieving. You can set up a memorial site on a platform such as Everlove (and take donations, too), share a link on social media so anyone who wants to sign a guest book can, and then revisit whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection.