There are a number of places on the Internet where you can create funeral programs, both from scratch and using templates. Most funeral programs and brochures are designed in a similar way, which is why multiple sites have created simple-to-use templates. You could leave this task up to the funeral directors, as mentioned earlier, or you could use one of many templates and publication sites, as well as software programs. While the funeral home director may be able to assist in creating the program through the funeral home, there are ways that you can build it online independently.

 You can create a complete program using Microsoft Word, or you can make a rough draft of it and hand it off to your funeral director. Just like you would create the funeral program using MS Word, you will have to find a template compatible with Google Docs. Apple Mac computers have various pieces of software that will assist in creating funeral programs, or using funeral program templates.

 You may also be able to make the funeral brochure yourself using editing or graphics software. If you are experienced in using design programs, Adobe Photoshop may be an option as well. You will not have to open Photoshop or download the design program every time.

Funeral Program Templates

In those cases, the design work is done, and you can modify the programs either on your computer or on the web. Even though you are using a template, you can add your own particular design touches that will make your program unique and reflective of your loved one’s personality.

 If you are creating the funeral services program from scratch, think about the placement of photos, typefaces, and any graphic images that you might wish to embellish in your brochure.

 Their printable memorial program can be handed out during the funeral service, giving attendees a commemorative memento of their loved ones who have died. Through our easy-to-use online editor, CARDDesigner makes it simple to design and print your funeral programs, which can be completely customized to celebrate your loved ones’ recently lost unique spirit and personality.

 These funeral service programs come with layouts and backgrounds that let you showcase photos of your loved one along with his or her obituary, ceremonial readings, and lyrics from his or her favorite songs. Also known as funeral service programs, these funeral service programs are completely customizable, printed, folded, and stapled for you. Each funeral program template is filled in with carefully-set placeholders for text, images, and other design elements – but every component is easily adjustable and tailored to your needs, too.