Funeral programs may also be created in larger or smaller sizes, or as tri-folds. Due to the numerous potential themes to be used, there are many options out there for free funeral program templates, such as the baby funeral program or a church funeral program. This article will explain some of the popular funeral program layouts you can use to make a memorable program, and will show the dimensions and designs of funeral programs. We offer a wide variety of beautiful, modern funeral program templates you can edit to produce a printed-ready document in minutes. has various one-fold plan templates available in the standard letter. Our Legal Single Fold 8 1/2 x 14 template is similar to our Letter Single Fold template, except it adds 3 inches of space. The standard 8.5 x 11″ is widely accepted for both print and digital obituaries. If you wish to have it printed, a common size for a folded obituary is 5 x 7 inches.

Funeral Programs

A bit closer to the 8.5 x 11-inch size of a newspaper, the standard A4 is another popular choice. This means when an obituary is unfolded, a double-sided obituary or funeral program is 8.5 x 11 inches, a typical size for letters. Just as with the normal obituary, the same letter, legal, and tabloid sizes are also applicable to the obituary or graduation brochure. For example, if you have a tabloid-sized program (11 by 17 inches), it needs to be printed on 11 by 17-inch paper, in a printer capable of printing this size of paper.

 A letter-size program will be printed with a thin white border unless your printer has borderless settings (borderless is an option that you can choose that prints right up the edges of your paper). To check your program’s model sizes, click on the Layout tab, then the Size button, and your paper size, such as U.S. Letter, is highlighted.

 If you have lots of information, like an Order of Service, long obituaries, lots of poems, collages of photos, tributes at a funeral, or personalized notes, you might want to opt for a larger-size program, like a tabloid-size (11/17), or one with more pages. If you have lots of information such as order of service, longer obituary, many poems, photo collages, funeral tributes, or personalized notes, you may want to go with a program on larger paper, such as a tabloid size (11×17) or with a multiple page template. If you only have a very basic schedule, just the information about the services, the funeral service, the brief obituary, and maybe poems, then you might be fine using a very basic one-fold schedule. An 8-page funeral program uses two pieces of paper, while a (12-page) funeral (less frequently) will use three printed pieces.

 If you choose to make a double-sided brochure for the funeral or memorial program, any size will let you make two pages. Large Tabloid Layout Funeral brochure Large tabloid layouts use 2 pieces of paper (printed front and back) of 11″x17″ paper folded in half, creating a larger, 8-page brochure.