Here is a sample Simple Funeral Program (sometimes called a Memorial Service Bulletin or Obituary Program), which is a printed brochure that may include the cover photograph, the Order of Service, photo collage, information about the funeral or memorial service, the Obituary, poems, and acknowledgments, as well as the Pallbearer Information. A funeral program is important for helping family and friends to guide them through a funeral or memorial service and is a reference document listing the order of services. When tasked with creating a brochure for the funeral or memorial service, studying examples of funeral programs can help you brainstorm some ideas. Whether it is put together by family members or by your funeral director, a well-written funeral service booklet will help to make the custom more meaningful to all who attend.

 Whether because of heartbreak or just having trouble coming up with ideas, there are times when you are going to need some assistance with creating your funeral services plan. While writing is one of the easiest steps, writing the funeral service plan often gets overlooked, especially when your family is going through an emotionally triggering time. A funeral service program is probably the only tangible thing the people attending any funeral could get.

 A funeral program not only brings together the immediate family, relatives, and co-workers, but it also reminds those left behind to keep living in spite of the pain and embrace the gift of life. It also serves as a memento for remembrance of your loved one — a way to share his or her obituary and special photos. The cover features a schedule entitled the Homegoing Service, which is the funeral service in which families and guests mark their loved ones passing into Heaven and are joined by the Lord.

Funeral Programs

Then, for the song lyrics, scripture readings, or lengthy obituaries, print out song lyrics onto a separate piece of thin, regular printer paper that you can fold into half and slip inside a double-sided funeral program. Typically, you will have a biographical account or life story inside of your bifold. If you do not have one, you may want to put a poem or special scripture, along with more photos, in place here. If your obituary is shorter, you may want to include one more photo here, and surround your text with it, filling out the page. For this funeral program format, an inner page can be added to this plan layout, which increases the amount of space, allowing for additional clipart, picture collages, photo collages, and other printed information in your program.

 For a four-page funeral service program, for example, you could print out your design layout, front and back, onto one normal-sized (8 1/2 x 11) landscape page and fold it in half. After personalizing the dead person, add any required details for the funeral service. The details about the funeral service include the names of the deceased, remaining family members, the date of birth and death, which minister or priest is conducting the service, and the other events of the schedule.