Mom funeral poems capture a child’s deepest feelings, thanks, sadness, and nostalgia toward their mom. Funeral poems for mom can be nice additions to your mother’s funeral to make it more personal and help you remember her. If the funeral poems above do not seem the best for a mom, or for your feelings about her, one thing that may help is to ask friends and family members if they have any poems that they have associated with her.

If you are one of the fortunate ones lucky enough to have viewed your mother as a best friend, then this funeral poem is a perfect tribute to her at her funeral or memorial service. This beautiful poem shines a light on all of the amazing things that your mother did for you throughout your life, and how each one is a jewel in your mother’s crown. This poem is reflective of how much of an important role your mom plays in your life and how she can be your best friend, parent, confidant, and adviser at the same time. With the wonderful description of how amazing mothers can be, Mothers express just how much of important motherhood is for their children.

This poem conveys an overwhelming amount of love that mothers feel for their children, and it is also easily edited or added to by anyone wishing to incorporate their special memories with their mom. Used as a funeral poem for mom, this could summarize in a few lines the deep love you feel for your mom. The Best Day is a song that perfectly captures just how much love and appreciation for a mom can mean, and could make for a lovely selection of funeral songs for mothers. As a funeral read, this lovely verse could remind the reader, and anyone listening, that the love you have for your mom is timeless and ever-present — right by your side.

 If your mother was an Angel on earth, a woman who loved life, treasured family, and was gentle beyond words, then this funeral poem is a perfect poem to honor her during her funeral or memorial service. Whatever way you choose to remember and honor your mom, we are confident one of these poems will perfectly showcase just how special she was, and how much she is missed. Her funeral gives you the opportunity to say goodbye and to remember all that she did in this world. You may want to say “Lost & Found” during your mother’s funeral in order to remember those little moments spent together.

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