Funeral or Memorial Service Program

Once the memorial service is organized, you will be able to design a service program. A service program is a booklet celebrating the honoree and given to people attending the funeral service. It is a cherished keepsake.

You might want to include:

  • Photographs of the honoree
  • An anecdote about the honoree
  • Favorite artwork, poetry or song lyrics
  • Quotes the honoree might be known to say
  • List of surviving family members
  • Brief biography
  • Charities where donations may be made
  • Words of thanks from the family to those who attended the service
  • Time and location of the reception service

Using our funeral program templates, you will able to find a template for creating this funeral program. Once you decided a funeral template, click on EDIT ONLINE button to start editing online. You don’t need to have a Word Software to do this.

Most programs are based on standard paper sizes that can be folded, stapled or stitched.

While service programs can be any size you choose, a typical program is printed on 8.5 X 11″ paper and folded in half. If you have a friend or family member who is a graphic designer or is artistically talented, ask them to design the program for you.

Some things to think about when creating a service program:

  • Choose a nice paper stock for the program
  • Print half again as many as you think you will need so guests can take spares to those who couldn’t be there in person
  • Have a few people proofread the program, paying close attention to names
  • Be sure to run a spell check program before printing

While paper programs are a traditional way to share the service information with the guests, you could also project the program on a large screen (if one is available) or have the program printed and mounted on a board if it is a small group.