A memorial guest book is also called a funeral guest book, funeral register book, funeral memorial book, funeral signature book, or funeral tribute book. They come in a variety of sizes. The most popular and traditional size throughout the US has been 7 x 10 inches.  A larger funeral guest book, up to 8.25 x 11.5 inches, can be purchased as well. 

They also come in the same sizes, but with a horizontal layout. Often custom funeral guest books have a window on the front cover that allows for a picture to be inserted as displayed below. The cover window sizes range from 3.25 x 4.75 inches to 4 x 6 inches depending on the manufacturer. 

Funeral Guest Book Interior Pages

The interior pages of a funeral guest book can also be customized with pictures and text. This book often has different pages for different information. The “In Memory” page usually includes the place of birth, date of birth, date and place the person entered in to rest, and the age listed in years, months, and days. 

The “Services” page will list the place, date, and time of the services with the clergy  that is officiating and the organizations attending. The “Place of Rest” page includes the information of the interment, including the town, country, and state with date listed as well. Of course by using QuickFuneral.com anything can be customized whether it is pictures or text. 

After the information described above is entered in the funeral guest book, several pages are usually included for the quest of the memorial service to sign. Additional pages can be added to the funeral guest book as desired to allow for stories, memories, or sympathy notes to be written. This book will then be taken home by the family of the loved one and act as a remembrance for years to come.