An acknowledgment is the public thanks of the family to everyone who helped or contributed in any way, before, during, and after the funeral. A funeral acknowledgment may be sent as a note to people present at the service, expressing their sympathy for the person who died.

 Funeral acknowledgment cards, also known as sympathy appreciation cards, are meant to acknowledge the people who supported you during your time of grieving a recent loss. The grieving family usually sends Funeral Acknowledgement Cards to people who sent sympathy cards, made sympathy meals, and showed kindness in some form while grieving. To begin, know that thank you cards are typically sent out to people who helped through the tough times, whether it was watching their children or pets, providing meals, sending flowers, donating money for funeral expenses, sending a sympathy card, or attending a service.

 You do not have to send out a formal thank you note to each and every person that came to the funeral or sent you a card acknowledging the death of a loved one. While it can be hard to muster up the energy to write a thank you note after the funeral, doing so is a meaningful way of acknowledging the love and kindness friends and family members showed you at this challenging time in your life. It is also good funeral etiquette to thank other family members and friends who were helpful at what was probably a tough time for many.

Other family members and friends may also wish to thank particular members of the public for any assistance they offered in the lead-up to your loved one’s death as well as afterward. If you are going to thank others specifically for the help they offered in your time of need, friends and family members may be able to tell if you overlooked anyone. After the death, it may help to send out an acknowledgment in print, to say thanks to people who helped you and your family through the difficult time.

Since losing someone close is a shared loss, chances are that your family would appreciate the assistance of writing sympathy note cards. When the time comes to write a funeral thank you card, be sure you are saying all that you would like with the correct words for a funeral thank you card.

 There are a lot of different reasons you might want to send a funeral to thank you card — like saying thanks for attending the funeral, thanks for your floral/memorial contributions at the funeral, thanks for your assistance, meals, cards, etc. And, of course, there are some specific, special people that deserve a special extra message. Thank-you cards are opportunities to show your appreciation to the people who made mourning your loved one feel a little bit more bearable to you and your family. Acknowledgment cards get special treatment here at because it is the family’s way of saying thank you to everyone who helped and supported the family during the loss.