Free Sample Eulogies

Free Sample Eulogies, Below are two variations of sample eulogies, one from a religious perspective and the other from a non-religious funeral service. Eulogies highlight your loved one life and can provide solace to the bereaved, courage and inspiration to other listeners, and pride and satisfaction to the speaker.

Free Sample Eulogies
Free Sample Eulogies

A Brief and Simple Eulogy by a Son for His Father (Non Religious Perspective)

Thank you all for coming today. I believe everyone here is familiar enough with my dad, John to know that he did not like rituals or ceremonies. It is out of respect for his values that this memorial service will be brief.

John served in the military for most of his life and loved his country. He was a brave man and although we did not see him very often, we knew he loved his children very much.

He was a dedicated American soldier who always fought for what he believed in. Anyone who was in contact with John will always remember his good sense of humor and is ability to see the positive in even the most tragic events.

He saw the glass was always half full, rather than half empty. He lived life with zeal and enjoyed his friends and people he’d meet along the way.

We are very grateful for the lessons my dad taught us, directly and indirectly. We know that we will only grow stronger because of what he stood for in our family and the values he passed along to us. It hurts our family to know that we were unable to help my dad at a time when he was in a very deep emotional and physical pain.

But we are comforted to know that his pain no longer exists and he is at rest.

We will miss John and his strength for family and country. Dad, we love you and are thankful for the years we’ve had together. Thank you all for being here and thank you for your support.

A Brief and Simple Eulogy by a Son for His Father (Religious Perspective)

When Ernie was baptized 89 years ago, it was his first and greatest bonding into a union with Christ. In all the years that have passed since then, Christ was with him as he grew. The spirit of the Lord was his constant companion and guide. An example of how God was with Ernie was during World War II.

Having served in the navy and being in the North Atlantic on a battleship chasing the Bismark (a famous German submarine), Ernie saw his fellow shipmates being seasick and jumping overboard. Ernie prayed to God to help him get through the war and his prayer was answered.

During his lifetime, Ernie showed many fruits of the spirit– love, kindess, faithfulness, and gentleness. The harvest of a life well lived. He showed a love for God, family, and his country. Ernie showed kindness to a neighborhood family by paying their insurance premium. Ernie was faithful to his family and his work as a San Francisco fireman and carpenter. His motto was to work hard and be thankful for what you have.

There is no doubt that his life demonstrated a likeness in Christ which is now his merited grown of glory in heaven. He was blessed with the talent of music and played many instruments without ever having taken music lessons. Ernie was also blessed with a quiver of five arrows (five children) of family who loved him.

I believe Ernie’s life bible verse would be Psalm 116:1-2, “I love the Lord because He has heard my voice and my supplications because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.”

Today we celebrate the life of Ernie but there is also another celebration in heaven because a saint has come home.