A eulogy is, in essence, a brief speech commemorating the life of a deceased person, typically by relaying stories and experiences the reader shared with the deceased. A eulogy is, essentially, a way to bid farewell to someone who has passed on, expressing and sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences that honor and respect the deceased.Delivered at a memorial service or funeral, the eulogy is a speech written by someone close to the person who has passed. A eulogy is a speech of memory given during a funeral or memorial service by a family member, a close friend, or a co-worker.

 Eulogies may be given by family members, close friends, clergy, ministers, or celebrants, and they memorialize and celebrate the life of the deceased. If desired, a eulogy may also include a heartfelt final farewell to the deceased. The eulogy should include special memories and meaningful details about a special individual.

Your eulogy is an opportunity to show everyone how much your loved one meant to you, and look back fondly at their life. When you are making a personal eulogy, replace information from that talk with personal details from the life of your friend or loved one. Although your eulogy is supposed to speak about the persona of your loved one, reading a death notice can be an excellent way to get to this discussion.

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If you are not the immediate family of the deceased, speak to the family members to get their opinions about how you want to begin the eulogy. You might have planned the funeral as a friend of the person, did not know them well, and did not have relatives you could go to for information, in which case, you might base the eulogy on what you remember about them as a person. For some people, being given an opportunity to talk at the funeral service about someone they knew is a welcomed occasion, yet many of us are still unaware of its possibility and think that eulogies are only for famous people.

 Sometimes only one person will deliver the eulogy during a memorial, other times more than one is chosen to share their memories and stories. The eulogy must also include how the special person meant something to the people attending the funeral. Giving the eulogy is an honor that is conferred on one or more of your friends and family members alive, those with deep connections to those who are gone.One of the hardest things that one has to do in life is to write and deliver a eulogy at the passing of someone one loved. One, these eulogies manage to capture the personality, spirit, and legacy of the person who has passed on. In doing so, the eulogies honor those who are gone by sharing, treasured memories, and offering comfort for the grievers while saying goodbye to their loved ones.