Creating a memorial program for a loved one’s memorial service needn’t be time consuming or difficult. Funeral programs are an essential piece to the funeral service because they provide a tangible piece of history and memorial of the loved one even long after the funeral service has ended. It also serves as a way to help guide attendees along in the funeral order of service. You can create funeral programs using Microsoft Word or any other application you are comfortable using.

There are many applications available to help in the creation of a memorial program. The best and most commonly used application is Microsoft Word. PC and MAC users alike can use the WORD application to create a simple or elaborate funeral program depending on your level of computer skills.

Generally, the funeral program is a two-page layout within Microsoft Word with the page one being the front and back cover of the program. Page two is the inside page for the program. Creating a single fold, letter size program is the best option because this size paper is readily available at any office supply store. You can also choose from varying weights and colors.

Using Microsoft Word for creating funeral programs begins with creating a two column layout using tables of approximately 5.5 ” each panel, which is the size of a letter paper, folded in half. After you create the two tables, you can insert text boxes for the title and actual body of the information in the table.

Select a favorite photo or design and use it as the background or backdrop photo for your program. After you’ve selected the background photo, create a shape of either rectangular or circular and use it to house the deceased photo for the cover.

This process and amount of time in creating a funeral program within the Microsoft Word application will vary depending on your knowledge and ease within the program. If you choose to create a funeral program from scratch or a blank canvas, it does take a considerable amount of time to do verses utilizing a funeral program template.

The use of desktop publishing has a two-fold benefit. First, it helps one save money. Second, it allows for the personalization of printed materials. Case in point, when a family loses a loved one to death, they find themselves faced with various expenses ranging from hospital or doctor fees to interment fees. Then there are other things in between that they need to take care of, too, like the cost entailed in preparing the remains for viewing and the actual funeral service.

So where does desktop publishing figure in all these? Well, it’s a known fact that during the funeral service, the grieving family hands out funeral programs and other printed materials to the people who attend the service. These materials share several information about the deceased, the funeral service, as well as some poems and prayers from which the bereaved family finds comfort in.

Through desktop publishing, the family would no longer have to spend a fortune on something or someone to take care of the production of funeral programs because they can very well take care of it right from the comfort of their own home. All they need is their personal computer, the publishing software, and of course a little desktop publishing know-how.


Funeral Program Template