CARDDesigner Online Studio Other Designing Software (Photoshop CS5)
Cost All products are 6.00 – 36.00 $699
Free Trial You can create for FREE and only pay for the  final PDF. Yes, 30 days.
Software Download No software download! Access you project on any computer just by logging in to your account. Be prepared to wait a while and use a lot of your computers resources.
Time to Create the Same Finished Product 5 to 10 minutes 1 to 3 hours
Ease Of Use Leads you through the process. Step 1,2,3. Months if not years of training required to get the same finished product. Try it and you will see.
Our Moms Can Use the Software Yes! =) Not a chance! =)
Specifically Built For Funeral Printed Products Everything
Prebuilt Backgrounds Yes, hundreds and we take requests. No, you have to spend hundreds of hours and dollars building them yourself.
Pre-built Sentiments Yes, and we take requests. No
Custom Fading, Erasing, and Restoring of Pictures Yes, just click the red or green button. Yes, we would love to hear how long it took you to figure it out.
Save Yes Yes
Access Projects on Any Computer in the World Yes, just login with a user name and password. No, projects have to be saved then transferred not to mention the other computer has to have Photoshop downloaded on it also.
Number of Tools Minimum to get the job done. Let us know what you want. More than you know what do with.
Prebuilt Masks Yes No
Number of Copies Allowed to Print Unlimited Unlimited
Prebuilt Product Layouts/Sizes Yes No
Background Theme Display Album Yes No
Continual Improvements Yes, instant daily improvements for no extra costs. Yes, get them when the next version is released and pay $199.


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In the past, the online card designing industry has been known to be behind the times when it comes to new technology… but not this time!

Nine months ago, we at CARDDesigner LLC wanted to build an online application that allowed you to celebrate the life of those that have passed away through quality celebration printed products like Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards, Anniversary Cards, and other printed materials.

We Provide Subscriptions For Printing Press / Business Level for Card Designing Software

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After a lot of research and testing, we narrowed it down to building the application in two different platforms; HTML5 or Flash. We found several pros and cons with both HTML5 and Flash. In the end we decided to go with HTML5 and we are glad we did. Our application is around a megabyte and is much faster than most Flash photo and text editors. Building an application in Flash requires a plugin download and would have been eight to ten times more “heavy”.

Our application is basically an interactive website that prints to a PDF. The canvas element allows direct access to pixel data allowing for powerful image editing and manipulation. The HTML5 canvas in conjunction with javascript and CSS3 has enabled us to create a fairly robust image and layout editor.

Our current editor is only the beginning. There are even more powerful features in the works and we are definitely looking forward to using HTML5 to improve our application and business.

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Hello there!

Are you new to Carddesigner? It will very helpful to understand, “How to Design and Print Cards” using CARDDesigner.

Step-1: Creating Project

Goto Start A New Project  You have to select your card type than click on Create button, It will open in new tab. Wait 3 – 5 seconds till studio loads. After this loads you are now on CARDDesign Studio.

Step-2: Choosing Your Background for your Card

On Right panel, there is option of Background, click on that. Now you will able to either select our featured backgrounds or you can upload you own background image.

Step-3: Adding Text, Poems & Images to your Card

On Right panel, there is second option of Images, click on that, you can insert our featured Images or you can upload and use your own images. In next option of Text, you can add text-boxes. There are few demo text and poems are available. You can use or edit as you want.

Step-4: Downloading your Card for Print

On Right panel, there is last option as Download. You can download your card as PDF, and you can save it for print.

Awesome, you just created your card. Print & Share your Care.

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